Our Inspiration

The Ministry of Tomorrow is inspired by the historical progression of the human mindset. Only in recent times has the great spread of information, mainly due to the Internet, allowed for knowledge to be so easily accessible. In the timeline of human progression, which spans over hundreds of thousands of recorded years, the Internet became available to the masses only 22 years ago. We are now at a very unique time where we are all capable of questioning the information that is presented to us. Continue reading


Introducing Kibera Classics

Kibera Classics is Ministry Of Tomorrow’s flagship project in Kenya. Our factory, where we exclusively create our collection of bags, is located in Langata just outside of Kibera, one of the largest slums in Africa. Our bags are created from fair wage and sustainable materials whenever possible, and our factory is proven to be a sustainable model which provides jobs and empowers people. Our team of highly-skilled tailors who work in our factory and create our collection of luxury, designer bags are all from the slum.Currently, we employ twenty-two people. Our employees are paid three times the Kenyan minimum wage which allows them to not only provide their families with their basic needs but also helps them to save for their children’s education and find a way out of the slum. Since we are unable to provide jobs for everyone living in Kibera, we also provide training on the weekends for people who want to obtain a skill and find themselves employment. Our factory represents job opportunities, and our bags represent a way out. Check out our Projects page for more information about Kibera Classics and to watch the Blue Diamonds From Pluto video.Kibera Classics team members showing off MOT duffles“We want to get to the next level and bring everyone with us.” – Julian Prolman, President of Ministry Of Tomorrow

The Sense of Style

Is this the beginning of fashion?!?When did fashion begin? As much as this question still bears no exact answer, many different schools of thought as well as belief systems have played into people’s idea of when humans started to wear clothing and why. The specifics do not seem as important as gaining some perspective on when humans began “caring” about what they looked like in the clothes they were wearing.

Some may say that fashion started when Eve handed Adam that fig leaf to cover his twig and berries, while many historians and others of a less religious ilk would say that fashion has always been part of the human condition, since people first donned leaves or animal skins for protection and warmth. Historically, it has been recorded that people started wearing clothing of one nature or another between 100,000 and 500,000 years ago. (What a gap!) So, in the beginning, is it safe to say that fashion was driven by necessity?

This being the case, what drives fashion now? Ministry of Tomorrow has arrived to garner your perspective on fashion and how clothing has always affected our state of mind. Stay tuned…

2012 Men’s Summer Lookbook

Working in Africa is tough. We faced many challenges throughout the creation of our first collection. Although difficult, we learned from these experiences and had a lot of fun a long the way. This collection represents the beginning of our journey.

Check out the Men’s Lookbook at the following link: MOT Lookbook

Prepare for Landing

So, people ask…Ministry of TomorrowDoes Ministry of Tomorrow have any religious affiliation?

The answer is ‘No’. The Ministry of Tomorrow does not hold one belief system higher than any other; instead, we find all forms of lineage to be intriguing, as these are the mindsets that represent the overall culture and diversity developed on planet earth.

Our intention is to provoke positive change through responsible commerce. We are a fashion company who advocates free thought.

We see the power of commerce, so we promote conscious consumerism. As consumers, people can directly change the world through their decision making process.

Why fashion? Why clothing?

Fashion dictates style which is a state of mind.