The Sense of Style

Is this the beginning of fashion?!?When did fashion begin? As much as this question still bears no exact answer, many different schools of thought as well as belief systems have played into people’s idea of when humans started to wear clothing and why. The specifics do not seem as important as gaining some perspective on when humans began “caring” about what they looked like in the clothes they were wearing.

Some may say that fashion started when Eve handed Adam that fig leaf to cover his twig and berries, while many historians and others of a less religious ilk would say that fashion has always been part of the human condition, since people first donned leaves or animal skins for protection and warmth. Historically, it has been recorded that people started wearing clothing of one nature or another between 100,000 and 500,000 years ago. (What a gap!) So, in the beginning, is it safe to say that fashion was driven by necessity?

This being the case, what drives fashion now? Ministry of Tomorrow has arrived to garner your perspective on fashion and how clothing has always affected our state of mind. Stay tuned…


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