Our Inspiration

The Ministry of Tomorrow is inspired by the historical progression of the human mindset. Only in recent times has the great spread of information, mainly due to the Internet, allowed for knowledge to be so easily accessible. In the timeline of human progression, which spans over hundreds of thousands of recorded years, the Internet became available to the masses only 22 years ago. We are now at a very unique time where we are all capable of questioning the information that is presented to us.

Religous art and the human mindset

“The Miracle of the Snow” – painted by Masolino Da Panicale (1383-1440)

22 years ago…really think about how new this is. On a timeline, this technological advancement would show us how recently this giant jump in accessible information has occurred, and the progress humans have made in such a short period of time compared to the thousands of years it took humans to get to where we are now. This isn’t to say that those before us were not as knowledgeable, but the point is that in today’s world information is easier to access all over the globe in the blink of an eye.

Now, take the time to think about this, the automobile was created not even 200 years ago. About 600 years ago, the common thought was that the Earth was flat, and 245 million years ago a completely different species called dinosaurs inhabited our planet. With these spans of time in mind, we can clearly see how far our society has come with the information provided and therefore allowing us a more explicable reality.
Birds among an airplane
A hundred years ago, if the average man saw an airplane (something he had no previous knowledge or awareness of) how do you think he would describe what he saw? More than likely, he would reply using only the information and words that were part of his reality. A plane which takes flight and has wings may have been described as a bird. If a man was asked the exact same question in 2012, he would surely answer that it is a plane, as airplanes are an everyday reality for all of us.

Over 5,000 year old Wandjina petroglyphs from Kimberley, Australia

When comparing historical texts from around the world, there is a noticeable and common similarity. It seems that all religious texts, scientific thought, philosophy, and stories from various cultures around the world have one thing in common: they all depict phenomenological accounts from the sky.

The Ministry of Tomorrow is intrigued by the way in which early man once described what they saw in the sky compared to how drastically different depictions are nowadays. Why is this? Could it be that we now have the technology which allows to describe what we see? Stay tuned for our weekly insights, as we highlight some of these stories in their original context and discuss how they can be interpreted with a more technologically-advanced mindset.


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