Introducing Charles Oluoch – Security Officer at Kibera Classics

Charles Oluoch working at Kibera Classics

Everyone at Kibera Classics comes to the factory with the desire to not only work at producing our designer, luxury bags but also knowing that our factory is a safe and secure place to come to work and continue to grow every day.

Charles Oluoch, Head Security Officer at Kibera Classics, ensures that the factory is an enjoyable and safe place to spend time working throughout the week. He came to Kibera Classics with several years of experience as a security guard within various firms throughout Kenya and even worked as a security guard for the current President of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki. While working for President Kibaki, Charles’ main role was to secure and guard the President’s land and crops. At Kibera Classics, he also fills this role by maintaining the security of the property as well as the workers within the factory.

Charles Oluoch was born and raised in Kisumu, which is the third largest city in Kenya. He has three sisters and three brothers, has obtained his O-level education, and is currently married with two daughters and three sons. Charles enjoys the three free meals that are provided daily at Kibera Classics as well as the “cool” work environment. When he is not working or ensuring everything is safe and secure, Charles enjoys watching football (soccer), walking around, and farming.

We are fortunate and proud to have such wonderful and experienced employees, such as Charles, working at Kibera Classics.


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