2012 Men’s Summer Lookbook

Working in Africa is tough. We faced many challenges throughout the creation of our first collection. Although difficult, we learned from these experiences and had a lot of fun a long the way. This collection represents the beginning of our journey.

Check out the Men’s Lookbook at the following link: MOT Lookbook


Prepare for Landing

So, people ask…Ministry of TomorrowDoes Ministry of Tomorrow have any religious affiliation?

The answer is ‘No’. The Ministry of Tomorrow does not hold one belief system higher than any other; instead, we find all forms of lineage to be intriguing, as these are the mindsets that represent the overall culture and diversity developed on planet earth.

Our intention is to provoke positive change through responsible commerce. We are a fashion company who advocates free thought.

We see the power of commerce, so we promote conscious consumerism. As consumers, people can directly change the world through their decision making process.

Why fashion? Why clothing?

Fashion dictates style which is a state of mind.